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           Cholesterol Metabolizer            Warning: Don't be fooled by "copy cat" companies who advertise with our name. Their "knock off" products don't come close to our #1 rated, Cholesterol Metabolizer®, which since 2001 has helped thousands of people support healthy cholesterol. This website is the only source for the original and authentic Cholesterol Metabolizer®

Comparison of Cholesterol Reducing Formulas

How Does Cholesterol Metabolizer® Compare To Other Healthy Cholesterol Support Formulas?

There are other healthy cholesterol support products on the market. You are probably interested to know how they compare to Cholesterol Metabolizer®.

Cholesterol Metabolizer® comes in a 100% vegetable capsule. How many (if any) other cholesterol formulas can say that ?

Most do not have the same vital endogenous (naturally occurring in the body) ingredients that Cholesterol Metabolizer® contains. Some formulas contain exogenous ingredients (NOT naturally occurring in the body) such as Guggu and Policosanol. Though exogenous ingredients such as these may be supportive, exogenous supplements in general will only support for about six months. Beyond that you will not get any additional support from continuing to use them.

Why continue to take (and pay) for exogenous ingredients in your healthy cholesterol support formula ?

There are some cholesterol reducing formulas that DO contain the same endogenous ingredients that Cholesterol Metabolizer® has . . . but take a look at the amount of each ingredient. There is no other product out there that has a whopping 300 mg beta sitosterol, 100 mg beta glucan, 50 mg soy isoflavones and 100 mcg of Chromax® . . . per capsule.

  • Both Cholest-Off (formulated by Nature Made) and Cholox (formulated by ProCaps Laboratories) provide beta sitosterol (each with their own proprietary sterol blend), but neither one contains Beta Glucan, Chromax® or Soy Isoflavones. Price: $26.53 (Cholox) $25.95 (Cholest-Off)
  • Dr. Derrick DeSilva, M.D. & Unimark Health promote a formula on TV called Cholestium.
    It too DOES contain Beta Sitosterol, but has NO Beta Glucan, Chromax®or Soy Isoflavones.
    And it DOES contain Guggu, which is a fine supplement but . . . being EXOGENOUS has only short time effects. Price: $19.99
    • CholesterClear
    • WeKnowCholesterol.com- is a site which pretends to be an impartial product review site. In actuality, they bad mouth all products except for one (CholesterClear) and they do not link to any other sites except for that one. That is not exacly impartial. In fact it is just a trick to promote "CholesterClear". Enough about their trick . . . let's look at their product - "CholesterClear".

      They claim that CholesterClear. is better than "Choelsterol Metabolizer®" because it provides 1200 mg of Beta sitosterol. The point they neglect to mention is that there are no studies what so ever which even suggest that taking 1200 mg/day of beta sitosterol provides any benefit compared to taking 600mg/day. CholesterClear is in fact NOT any better than Cholesterol Metabolizer® . . . just more expensive.

      The "CholesterClear" website which WeKnowCholesterol.com describes as being "so informative" does not even list the The "CholesterClear" ingredients. Probably because it more than likely does not even contain the very important cholesterol reducing supplement beta glucan.

    • ProgressiveHealth produces a cholesterol reducing formula called Retorol.
      It contains NO Beta Sitosterol what so ever. It does have Vitamin B3, which some people are allergic to and it also contains Guggu which only has short term effects. Price: $19.95
    • Healthy Choice Nutritionals- produces Cholesterol Care.
      It DOES contain Beta Sitosterol but only1/2 the amount contained in Cholesterol Metabolizer®.
      It DOES contain Beta Glucan but only 1/4 the amount contained in Cholesterol Metabolizer® .
      Price: $27.00
    Look at any other cholesterol reducing
    products out there and ask yourself:

    Are the ingredients endogenous ? or exogenous ?
    How much of each endogenous ingredient is there per capsule ?
    How many capsules does each bottle contain ?
    What is the cost per bottle ?
    What is the cost per equivalent dosage ?

    Once you have done the math . . .
    you will know that there is no other product
    that comes close in offering the amount of
    healthy cholesterol support per cost . . .
    as does Cholesterol Metabolizer®.

    We Guarantee it !!
    Cholesterol Metabolizer® offers this guarantee:
    If you are not satisfied after a sixty day trial,that
    Cholesterol Metabolizer® supported healthy cholesterol,
    we will refund your entire purchase price (less the cost of shipping).

    This Guarantee DOES NOT APPLY to any person who has recently gotten off any statin drug . . .
    as they will more than likely see an ELEVATION of their levels for a 6 month period.

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    Featuring all natural beta sitosterol, which is 3,000 times more powerful than saw palmetto, Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula is completely safe and has no contra-indications, drug interactions, or side effects.

    Each 2 capsule serving provides 600mg of GMO free, pine based, phytosterol complex (imported from Germany) and is guaranteed to be 99% pure and contain NOT less than 70% beta sitosterol. Each bottle contains (60) 100% vegetable capsules (a 30 day supply) and comes with a money back guarantee!

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